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Sangeet Choudary is the Founder and CEO of Platform Strategy Labs, best known for his work on platform business models and multi-sided network effects. He is also the co-chair of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit  at MIT Media Labs, Boston, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD Business School, a Global Fellow at the Centre for Global Enterprisein New York, a speaker at the G20 Summit 2014 in Brisbane and an advisor at 500Startups in Silicon Valley.  At the G20 World Summit 2014, Sangeet was hailed as a forefront researcher into how businesses can better use metadata and current technology. He has advised C-level executives globally on platform and network strategies, has been featured on leading media globally and has lectured at the world’s leading universities.




INSEAD Business School
MIT Platform Strategy Summit
Global Fellow,
Centre for Global Enterprise


Industry Advisor,
Global Platform Data Project, Stanford
500 Startups
the G20 Summit 2014


Platform Strategy Labs

Platform Strategy Labs is a C-level and board level advisory firm, focused on the application of platform strategies across industries. It engages in CXO-level advisory with Global 2000 firms as well as high growth startups on network effects and platform strategies. Advisory work ranges across diverse industries, with clients in Europe, US, Australia , South America and Asia. Clients include multi-national conglomerates as well as high-growth pre-IPO startups.





Industry Initiatives

Speaker at the G20 Summit 2014 in Brisbane. Regular keynote speaker at leading industry conferences like SIBOS, TechVenture, ITB Asia, Crowd Sourcing Week and TheNextWeb Europe.
Appointed Industry Fellow at the Centre for Global Enterprise , a leading global industry think-tank led by Sam Palmisano (Chairman, IBM), Jerry Yang (founder, Yahoo), Michael Spence (Nobel Laureate, 2001), Shelly Lazarus (Chairperson, O&M), Kevin Marsh (Governor, Federal Reserve) and Jean-Pascal Tricoire (Chairman & CEO, Schnieder Electric).

Sangeet works on leading the research on the emerging platform economy. The CGE implements best practices through CEO roundtables and other C-level channels.

Publications and Media

Research on platform economics recommended by and featured on leading media and journals globally, including the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, MarketWatch, MIT Digital Community, Forbes, Inc Magazine, WIRED Magazine, Fast Company, The Hindu, TechCrunch, Business Insider, DataQuest and GigaOm.

  • Contributing author to the book Managing Startups and the only author outside USA to be included in the collection.
  • Blog, Platform Strategy, ranked among the top technology blogs globally for the years 2012 and 2013 by the Harvard Business School Center for Entrepreneurship (Prof. Tom Eisenmann).
  • Author of the forthcoming book Platform Shift. Publisher: WW Norton, Editor: Brendan Curry

  • Featured in the April 2015 issue of Thinkers magazine on ‘Redefining Capitalism’, alongside globally leading thinkers like Micael Porter and Don Tapscott.
  • Contributor to the Harvard Business Review, WIRED Magazine, TechCrunch and Forbes.
  • Guest expert on Channel News Asia, South-East Asia’s leading news channel, for the primetime programs, Business Central and Singapore Tonight.




Entrepreneurship and Innovation



Advisory board member at prominent startups including


Research and Academia

Invited as a guest lecturer at leading business schools globally, on the topic of platforms and network effects, including Harvard Business School, INSEAD Business School, University of California Davis, Boston University, Tulane University, Australian Institute of Management and THNK Amsterdam. Invited to lecture research scientists and CXOs at leading research labs including the MIT Media Labs and NUS-ISS.

  • Research partners include Marshall Van Alstyne and Geoffrey Parker, research scientists at MIT Sloan and creators of the core theory of platform economics. Other research collaborators include Nir Eyal (lecturer, Stanford), Stephen Mezias (professor, INSEAD), Mark Chong (professor, SMU), Patrick Vlaskovits (NY Times Bestselling Author), Damon Brown (TED Books Author) and Andrei Hagiu (professor, HBS).
  • Research published in research outlets including the MIT Digital Community and Harvard Business Review, as well as peer reviewed journals, including the Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing.